"Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me." Psalm 51:


"Come, and listen, all you who fear God; let me tell you what He has done for me.
I cried out to Him with my mouth; His praise was on my tongue.
If I had cherished sin in my heart, the LORD woud not have listened and heard my voice in prayer.
Praise be to God, Who has not rejected my prayer or withheld His love from me!" Psalm 66:16-20

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Sad news -- January 15, 2019--JoAnn Gilley's passing

2000 Outlaws Quilting Christmas Party at my house.
Back row: Terry L., Mary Ellen J., me, .........Joy Dell G.
Front row: Wanda R., JoAnn (in solid red), Mary B., and Terri G.
 One of my two best friends and favorite quilting  partners, JoAnn Gilley, died last night.  She has been battling health issues for years, and most especially for the last 2.  I am thankful for her being freed from all that, but my heart is broken to know that I will never visit her in her sewing room again.....never attend another quiltathon with her......never laugh with her again over one of her famous 'flips'. (She was alway putting quilt tops together with a flipped triangle or some such thing.)
2002 Weekend Quiltathon at bank room.
Back:  Terry L., JoAnn G., Wanda R., and Mary Ellen J.
Front: me
In the second photo, we are together in a room that included a kitchen area.  It was freely offered by a local bank, by reservation.  We used it atleast twice a year, usually for three-day weekends.  We would bring whatever we were working on, including quilts that needed basting (notice the frame in the background).  We would also bring food to cook, usually a big pot of soup with breads, so that we didn't have to interrupt our quilt-time until we had to go home and feed our families.  Before we had access to this room, JoAnn would open her home for a few of us for 2 or 3 days, while her hubby did the cooking for all of us.  Good times, and very treasured memories.

I love her dearly and am so very thankful to have had her in my life for so many years.  There will never be another 'Jodie Ann'.

Monday, August 20, 2018

2018 County Fair----and family !

Kelley and the kids came down on Saturday afternoon.  We had fun going around to most of the local second-hand stores.  We found some fun goodies and had a good time.  Arriving back at my house, Zoe talked her brother into a facial masque, telling him that guys, as well as girls, need to practice 'good hygeine' with a really clean face!

Then I fixed us all a little supper before we got ready to go to the fair.  It was funny to hear the two struggling to open their mouths wide enough to eat those burgers with that masque holding their cheeks tight !
Plain, simple fare to eat.......hamburgers, (boxed) mac n cheese , and, by request of my daughter, my fried potatoes (she says no one else's come out like mine).

This being the first time we've all been able to go to the fair together, we had a wonderfully, fun time!  Upon arriving there, I was immediately talked into going on a ride with my daughter (really, a pretty tame one), and it wore me out from trying to keep the centrifugal force from making me squish her!   That was enough riding for me !   But the kids tried most everything but the kiddie rides, had some lemonade and funnel cakes, and went with me to see the quilts that I had entered into the exhibits.

  It was demolition derby night, but somehow with the allure of the 'midway', we never made it over to the grandstands to watch the smash-ups.  I think the boys would have loved it, but it just couldn't compete with carnival rides.

I wound up bringing home a couple of ribbons for my quilts, but was very disappointed with lack of public participation in entering, and with the fact that the quilts that WERE there were not well-displayed.
Remember this 16-patch quilt that I made last year while working at WalMart?
It won first place in the hand-quilted category.
And this one, that was made for a friend's grandson, won second place in the machine-quilted category.
 Still, atleast my grandkids got to see good, ol'-timey fair exhibits, such as they were.

When we finally took time out for funnel cakes, the bit of spitting rain picked up until it was a steady downpour coming over us while we sprinted towards the other end of the park where we had parked the minivan.  More laughter ensued !  God is good !

P.S.  I got this quilt-top basted.  It was pieced so many years ago that I hate the fabrics that I used.  But it reflects the time period in which it was done, so I'm just trying to make it a finished work.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Prep work, Kelley's move, and Rod Stewart

I've been getting a bit of quilting done since I last posted.  One of the projects was a secret, and I haven't received word that it has been gifted, so I'd better not say more about it.  But it was a project that I had forgotten about, so it was good to be able to check it off of my 'to do' list.

Yesterday, I cleared the furniture away in my living room, and set up my basting frame for this quilt.  County Fair time sort of snuck up on me, so I don't guess I'm going to have an entry, but atleast it has motivated me to do a little bit of prep work this week.

I resurrected a batting (from my shed) that I have had in storage for

probably 20 years !  It is one of two that I bought at an estate sale back then.   They were both 'new' in the package, and I used one of them on several smaller projects many years ago.  It made the most drapeable quilt that I have ever produced, so I hoarded the second one, waiting for a very special project.  Well, time has gotten away from me, and I figure that I either use it or now, or it winds up in MY estate sale some day.  I

I bought a luscious solid fabric in coral for this backing, thinking that it will give me a nice option for flipping the quilt over and using it as a whole-cloth look sometimes.

On July 2nd, my daughter and her family moved to Clarksville as her husband has been restationed at Ft. Campbell.  It's so nice to have them so near to me after all these years of them being 12 or more hours away !
She had said that if she ever lived close to me, she would take me to see Rod Stewart live in concert.   Well, surprisingly, that opportunity presented itself on the first of August, so her husband drove down to take me up to their house for a few days.  She and I attended my first 'real' concert, and we had a WONDERFULLY MEMORABLE night !

It was great to get to spend some quality family time too, before Tim had to leave for a year in South Korea.  We played monopoly late into the evening one night, and really got to see each other's competitive side.  It was fun.

I like this photo of Tim and the kids at the airport.

Other big news..........ZOE GOT CONTACT LENSES !

Thursday, July 12, 2018

"Tracking East"

This is my latest quilt-top.  I got the idea from a quilt that I saw on Moda's Bake Shop, I think.  I'm not sure because I see these things that I want to make, but that I do not need a pattern to figure out,  and I save the photo, but not always the details.

 I did not make it to sell, though that COULD happen eventually as I have so many quilts at this point.  Their quilt was titled, "Jane's Ladder".  I have just found it here, offered as a free pdf pattern, so if you like it, go wild !

I pulled all of the limey/medium greens that I could find, and eventually had to throw in a few that weren't exactly what I wanted, but that worked anyway.  For the other 4 colorways, I used mostly "good neighbor" prints from Connecting Threads, plus other fabrics that I thought would continue the look.  The background fabric is a text fabric, also from Connecting Threads.

They are 8-inch finished blocks, set 7 blocks by 9 blocks, so it currently measures approximately 56 inches by 72 inches.  I have no plans for adding borders, as this is my favorite size to make currently.....a large nap quilt/twin bed topper.
under construction
It was a pleasant way to pass the hours while it is so very hot outside.  I DO miss working at Walmart, but don't miss being constantly worn out, and worrying about what I was going to fix to take for dinners and eat at home, too.  And now I'm told that they're phasing out all part-time positions, so it appears that the LORD gave me just what I needed, WHEN I needed it, and now that time has passed !   Praise God in His ultimate wisdom !
My daughter and her family got moved to Tennessee (restationed with the army), and I had my first experience with driving up to see them.  I don't think I'll be doing that VERY MUCH, but it's so good to know they're so much closer to me now !

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Borders ON !

Okay, I just finished attaching the borders to James' memorial, flannel-shirt quilt-top.

Now the search begins for a backing and batting.  I want a really soft, cuddly, comforting quilt.   Because these fabrics were cut from shirts that were repeatedly worn and washed, they are just totally broken in and drapey.  I MUST find a backing and batting that lets the finished quilt feel that way.

While pushing the top through my machine just now, my wrist was REALLY rebelling !  Those movements were definitely not welcomed, so I don't know HOW I'll get this thing machine-quilted.  I was hoping for a Fathers' Day finish, but that's looking (and feeling) doubtful.

Still, progress feels good !

Friday, June 1, 2018

Memorial quilt top progress

The center is all pieced together, measuring approximately 61 inches square.

I have enough shirting left to add length.  I'll probably add 6 x 15 inch pieces of each shirt to top and bottom to finish up a rectangular top.

The star section is made from a tiny grey and black plaid that I found in our local fabric store.  That and Walmart were my only local choices.  I felt that I had settled, but it turned out to be just the right choice to go with all the different colors of plaid shirts.

In other news, after being 'retired' for 3 weeks, rather than feeling rested up and energized, I have practically no energy or incentive to do much of anything.  I don't know what's going on, and it makes me feel worthless,; so I'm happy to atleast be making progress on my year-long desire to make this memorial quilt for my daughter.   Hopefully, it will be done by Father's Day, or atleast sometime this summer.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Memorial quilt begun

Last night, I began cutting up James' flannel shirts in preparation for making his memorial quilt. 

Maybe this is why I haven't been able to make anything else lately.  It's time for this to begin.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Slow down !

Spring took FOREVER to get here, and now it's moving way too fast.  Soon, most of the perennials will have finished blooming, but I have a few more pictures to share today.
Volunteer Coreopsis have come up along the discarded phone pole.  Love that !
A red Lily shows up underneath the mailbox.
This is the pink Coneflower that I bought at end of season last year.  It's planted in the bed along the front sidewalk.

The Delphinium are blooming up against the Rose of Sharon bush.

No news on the quilting front.  I seem to have 'quilters' block'.  Hope it passes soon !   Being retired makes for long boring days !   But Walmart proved faithful and is paying me my paid-time-off, and my 'myshare bonus' on a check this week.  I figured I'd have to wait longer than this.

I didn't file a workman's comp claim for my hurting wrist, and am praying that rest and the LORD's mercy will restore it.

We enjoyed a visit from my sister's husband (widowed in October of last year) this week.  He drove out to the east coast from California.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Unwelcome visitors

Twice in the same week !
First, about 3 days ago, I see this one crawing ACROSS MY FRONT YARD !   I follow him, videotaping on my phone, and he disappears underneath my back deck.
Then, today, while attempting to transplant a few volunteer Blackeyed Susans, I nearly step on this one.  He was lying just over my boundary line in the backyard of the next door (unoccupied) property.

I don't know if this is two separate snakes, or the same snake seen twice, but I'm not loving it !

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Spring Gardening, 2018

I haven't been keeping up with much quilting, but, praise God, thanks to perennials, the garden goes on!

Here are a few pictures from this morning.  Warning,.....there are LOTS of Daisies !   Years ago, I stopped alongside a country road and dug up a few clusters of Daisies that were growing wild.  I moved them when I moved to this place, and they continue to grow and spread.  I have to make myself mow them sometimes, but this one patch that I leave out by my shade garden is becoming my 'field of Daisies', and I love it.   I guess it'll be more of a daisy patch, but that's fine.  It makes me smile.

These Salvia beside the front porch are really 'givers', just showing out every Spring ! 

And I have quite a few Sweet Williams plants scattered all around the place.  I love how they come up in different colors within the same little patch.

There's a double Knockout Rose at the entrance of the driveway, and a little birdhouse, in the shape of a little travel trailer, adorning the address sign.

 My Coreopsis (yellow) didn't do much last year, but I took the time to spread it's seed afterwards, and they came back wonderfully this year.  That golden touch is so refreshing and eye-catching !

Out in the shade garden, the Spiderwort is slowing spreading itself with new little bunches here and there.  I love that, as long as it doesnt just take over !  I sprinkled it with Blood Meal when it first started coming in again this Spring, and even kindo 'tented' branches over the clumps, to keep the deer away.   Oh how they love the new green sprouts !   Probably like we look forward to our first garden tomato of the year. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Well, MAYBE I'm back !

The big news is that I"VE RETIRED ! 

That's a fancy way for saying that I had to resign my stocking job at Walmart !   I drove myself hard for a full year, and it took a toll on my knees, hips, and most recently, my left wrist.  I just couldn't keep doing that kind of damage to this old, 60-yr.-old body of mine.  I have no desire to undergo surgeries for new parts, or reconditioned old ones ! 

So,........maybe I'll get reaquainted with my old Singer .  I've already been doing a bit of catch-up work on the flowerbeds. 

Anyway........no photo today, but I hope that you'll welcome me back !   More changes..........I guess that's life, huh?

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Bye-bye WIFI

Sorry to be absent for so long !

I'm awaiting a new bundle price from Spectrum again, so I'm using Hardee's WIFI for now.

But all is good on the homefront, and I've squeezed in a bit of sewing time lately.  Here are the photos of my finished Orange (Aqua/blue/green) Peels quilt top.  It measures 77 x 94, bigger than the wide backing that I purchased for it months ago, so I'll be re-shopping for a back.

It's going to be quite a job getting this one basted out on the covered carport, so I'm waiting and watching for a nice, warm, still day.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Another Free Monday !

And I enjoyed spending it in my sewing room.

I've had these leftover pieces hanging on my wall catching my eye each time I pass the sewing room doorway.  I have little real need for a quilt this size, and I can hear the ghost of my dear departed  husband saying, "what good is a quilt that is that small?"  I love the man, but that question did get on my nerves.
Measures approximately 35" by 43".

What GOOD it is.......is getting me into the sewing room for a day's worth of mindless, peaceful sewing, cutting and pressing without any worry over WHAT FOR.   I needed just that.

And it's pretty, don't you think?  I get a kick out of hanging something different on my living room quilt rack every couple of months, but many of them, even though small, are big enough to atleast be a baby or lap quilt, so I didn't put hanging sleeves on them.  This means that I have to pin them over the hanging rod and that's a nuisance.

So I've decided that when I am in need of a quick 'quilting fix', I can just whip up something specifically for hanging there !   Sounds fun and opens up the possibility for all kinds of things that I wouldn't take the time to make if having to fit a bed.

Maybe I'll even hand-quilt this one, just to have lap-work.

I hope you're enjoying some 'stay in and stay happily occupied' time !

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Back in the sewing room

On my second Monday off, I finally went in to the sewing room and cleared that piled up cutting table.  I started looking around for some little project to get into, and came across a picture I had saved on my computer.  These pieced birds show up all over the place, but I know that I have read about them on the patchy menagerie's blog.

I didn't use her tutorial.  I can just look at some piecing designs and figure them out on my own, and I don't intend to sell this design, so I just tried making one up for fun.
Besides making that block, I dug into some scraps leftover from a quilt that I made for my second grandson years ago.  These strips were just too intrigueing to throw away, and I'm so glad that I found a good use for them.  I'm wild about these hotpads that I made.
They're not thick enough for, nor are they intended to be used for, actual potholders.  I use them when holding a plate or bowl to eat in the living room.  My coworkers laugh because I take them to work with me, along with real dishes to warm my meals.  But, why not?  It's the little things in life that bring you daily joy, right?

So, that's my report for the new year's beginning.  Feels like it's off to a good start.  I hope yours is filled with little things that bring YOU happiness.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Last workday before Christmas !

I'm getting ready to go in to work in a couple of hours, but wanted to take a few minutes to catch up here.

I accomplished quite a bit on my day off yesterday.  I had two little quilts that I was trying to finish for a brother and sister up the street from me.  They are being raised by their great grandmother, Rose (I've mentioned her MANY times), and have become my 'surrogate' grandkids, supplying me with much needed hugs and lovin'.
 This one is for Elisabeth.......it is hand-quilted because I started it earlier this year, just wanting something to work on and keep my hands busy.  I think she'll enjoy discovering all the different things there are to discover in the blocks.  She's 6.
The dots on the back are from a fatquarter packet that I received as a gift from my friend, Wanda Gayle.  I'm wild about this back, but it didn't photograph well with my phone.
This second quilt is for Elijah......it is machine-quilted due to time restraints.  These fabrics were among the many that JoAnn sent to me when she was purging her sewing room.  It's not my best work, but I hope that it will give him fun picking out the animals and learning how to spell and read their names.  He's 7.
This morning I got them wrapped and ready to give to the kids when they come back from visiting with their mom and other family members.

Kelley sent a package FULL of gifts, and because she got a new phone with FACETIME, we're planning on opening gifts together on Christmas morning.

As far as work goes, I got my new schedule for the first week of the new year.  I asked them to take me down from 33 hours per week to 27 or so.  Well,.......they went down to 21 !  So that means that I'll only be working 3 days per week that week.  We'll have to see if it stays that way for consecutive weeks , but I'm looking forward to the time.

In the meantime, I want to wish a joyous, blessed Christmas to all of my blogging friends, and hope that 2018 holds wonderful things in store for each of you.