" Do you not know?
Have you not heard???

The LORD is the everlasting GOD,
the Creator of the ends of the earth." Isaiah 40:28

"So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." Isaiah 41:10

Jesus said,
"For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.

But if you do not forgive men their sins,
your Father will not forgive your sins." Matthew 6:14,15

Saturday, January 3, 2015


I went out to one of our local second-hand stores today, wanting to just dig around and find some treasure........figured I'd spend 3 or 4 dollars, so I raided the piggy bank for the quarters that I save just for such a trip.  When I found it closed, I decided to take a peek at another one that I usually don't bother with.

Well.......I'm glad I BOTHERED.   I stumbled upon a treasure-trove !  Apparently, they have bought out a storage locker that had been rented by someone who ran a quilt store or something, because there are shelves packed with fabric, rulers, books.....who knows what all?  I only spent about TWO HOURS picking out fabric pieces, since all fabric was HALF-PRICE today !  So, I didn't even get to PEEK at the books !

They had bins full of folded fabric pieces, both quarter and half-yard, that were priced $1.50 each or 10 for $10.00.  So that made them 10 for $5.00 or FIFTY CENTS EACH !  So I dug out lots of the ones that were fat enough to be half-yard cuts, and some of the fat and long quarters.  I wound up with 5 stacks of ten, and a couple of 2-yard pieces, plus a couple of cotton batting remnants that are big enough for a baby quilt, and a small couch quilt (each cost me $2.00)  So, I left there with 24 1/2 yards of fabric, plus batting, for $35.25 !  I am so tickled !  The fabric is probably from around 2000 to 2005, maybe, but that's newer than alot of my stash, and will allow me to feel free to get rid of some of my own, and mix this in with the rest.   Mostly, I tried to restock my lights that I used up making these blocks recently.

I may have even found the border for the current project.   Here's a look at it on the design wall.......still would like to throw some more batik in there, so nothing is settled.

I can hardly wait to go out there and dig around some more !  I'm really hoping to find a great buy on EQ7 or something similar......I've really missed mine since my computer crashed and I lost the program during a full system recovery.


  1. WOW! You lucky duck, That is a great find.
    I have been wanting to try cake layers and jelly rolls, but have to order on line.
    Would like to see them first. So tired of what I have can't seem to use it up.
    Happy quilting

  2. Yes ! Most of my quilts are scrap quilts, and the older ones all contain the same fabrics.......even a quarter-yard can be difficult to use up if all you do is scrap ! They have bundles of eighths and quarters, and even charm squares......I could spend a fortune and still save money !

  3. WOW! You did find a great score! Good for you!

  4. That was a real fine.....with the price of fabric. Have you asked a computer tech if maybe they could retrieve your EQ7 THERE ARE SOME SMART ENOUGH TO DO THAT.

  5. I can't think of a nicer person to find such treasure than you. And you will put it to use in wonderful ways! I'm glad for you. I know how good I feel when I find something special when out and about!


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