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The LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear?The LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?
When the wicked came against me to eat up my flesh, my enemies and foes, they stumbled and fell. Though an army encamp against me, my heart shall not fear....Psalm 27 1-3
Psalm 31: 7, 8
I will be glad and rejoice in thy mercy; for thou hast considered my trouble; thou hast known my soul in adversities;
And hast not shut me up into the hand of the enemy; thou hast set my feet in a large room.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

I love my blogging friends !

I remarked in my last post that I couldn't post some pictures from my camera because it wouldn't let me copy them to my SD card.  Lovely fellow blogger, Maggie, commented that I might have a USB cable that came with my camera to transfer directly to my computer.   I thought that I had looked for one before, but I took a chance and found the box, and sure enough, there it was ! recovered !   Thank you Maggie Ann !

Now here are the photos of the Roses.  I'm so glad to recover these photos since the bush with the pink roses had more blooms than in any year that I've lived here !  And now, half of them are spent and have dropped their petals, so there was no chance to retake the pictures.

I just threw in this picture to show
 the Daisies and Coreopsis that I have
 started underneath my maple tree.
   Love it !


  1. I am glad you got that fixed, your roses look delicious. love the pink.

  2. Your roses are so great to see. They are so healthy with such wonderful colors. I like it when tech works out for the good.

    1. The pink Rose is an old-fashioned type, and it tends to suffer from Black Spot disease. I bought a product to use to combat that and insects, plus feed the plant at the same time.....cost me $14.86 at Walmart and I spilt half the bottle the first time I used it ! I'm hoping I have enough to treat it all summer and that I stop the destruction of the black spots. If it works against those pesky Japanese beetles that will eventually come, that will really be great too !

  3. Oh, those roses!! I have not ever tried growing them. Maybe someday. =)

  4. Wow! Your roses are wonderful! I can almost smell them! the color!

  5. Those roses are just beautiful. So nice of Maggie to tell you about the USB cable.


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