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Friday, January 11, 2013

In search of a walking foot......

On the 28th of December, 2012, I performed a Google search, looking for a walking foot to fit my old Singer sewing machine, as mine had begun to push the fabric along in front of the foot, rather than move it at the same speed as the feed-dogs.  I kept winding up with tucks or pleats when I would come to a cross seam that had already been quilted.

Well, I really wanted to find a foot that gives you a good view in front of the needle, so that you can stitch right in the ditch easily.  I found one on Annie's/Clotilde site; I chose to order it because I could see that the opening slot in front of the needle started out a  little wider, then tapered .   It wasn't a BIG opening, but it was better than any that I had come across.  They offered free shipping, so I placed my order, paying via card.

The tracking number that they gave me was for Fed-Ex, which means that they bring it to a post office and drop it for USPS to finish the delivery.  Well, this meant that you couldn't actually track the item all the way.  When it didn't arrive the day they projected, I had no idea how much longer it would be, because you couldn't find out where it was.........what's the use of the tracking number?  Anyway, blessedly, it DID arrive one day later and was very well packaged to prevent damage.

Unfortunately, as soon as I opened it, I could see that it wasn't the same foot that I had seen pictured on their site.  The slot in front of the needle opening was very narrow, all the way through.   I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt, and give it a try.  I quilted on a little quiltie that I basted up for the trial, and had SO MUCH trouble trying to tell where the seam was, that I was very disappointed.  The fabric didn't bunch, like with my old foot, but I couldn't keep my stitches close enough to the seamline, and I really couldn't tell when I had reached a corner, ready to turn.

I promptly looked up their customer care service on their website and let them know that the picture did not represent what they were selling, and that I felt wronged........(remembering the old 'bait and switch' practices of long ago.)  Well, they responded that their pictures showed exactly what they sold, but that I was welcome to return it for a full refund.  Not wanting to sound snarky, which I kindof DID, I said that that wasn't the point....much time had been wasted and they still didn't own up to the mistake.

So, I managed to get a good photo of the foot that I had received, and made a collage photo showing their photo, my foot, and specific text pointing out the differences. 
sorry for the blur, this is not the picture that I sent them, but notice the white plastic on the end of the needle-clamp arm, and the black mounting clamp, plus the hole in the rear for a guide

This is the photo from their site...notice metal arm for needle-clamp. white mounting clasp, and no hole for guide.  .

The next morning, I received an email acknowledging the mistake and crediting my credit card with a refund.  They even told me to keep the foot they had sent, and they said that they had forwarded the picture to the appropriate account manager .

This is a generous reply, and I appreciate the customer service.  I hope that they will take the time to change the photo on their site.

But WHERE can I find a walking foot to fit my old Singer that has an opening to be able to see where you're going ?    I've seen a wonderful one that fits an Elna, I think it was, that is totally wide open in front of the needle hole, but I think it cost around $50. and who knows if it would work on this old Singer 15 !

 Oh, well, atleast I can do just straight-line quilting with this one, like channels of quilting, without it pushing up pleats.
And I finished the little quiltie.........FINALLY..........I pieced this thing YEARS AGO !
It measures 18 inches by 19 inches, and has a thin polyester batting.  Again, it is a pattern that I drafted up in my notebook........no clue what the inspiration was.


But.........the search goes on......


  1. Oh no, oh no! Not a happy ending. I have no clue where to even begin...maybe someone who sells and services them?

    I'. M so sorry

  2. Finding the right presser feet can be so frustrating...I hope you eventually find what you need. I love your heart wallhanging.

  3. you might try Sew Right on Union turnpike, in bayside NY. (link below) they have excellent service, and carry a really large collection of parts. they are my local store (2 bus rides away! now the I don't have a car) and they have serviced my machines since I moved to queens (1978)

  4. Lovely hearts and just in time for February! Send me a good picture of the foot and I'll compare the the couple I have sitting around here to see if a match :) Happy Quilting!


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