" Do you not know?
Have you not heard???

The LORD is the everlasting GOD,
the Creator of the ends of the earth.

He will not grow tired or weary,
and His understanding no one can fathom.
He gives strength to the weary,
and increases the power of the weak.
Even youths grow tired and weary,
and young men stumble and fall;
but those who hope in the LORD
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint." Isaiah 40:28-31

"The Sovereign LORD has given me an instructed tongue, to know the word that sustains the weary.
He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being taught." Isaish 50:4

Friday, February 5, 2010

A better day......

Hubby got lots of attention today to all of his needs, and I feel much better about the care that they provide. 

After a first full day of residency, I treated him to a visit from Piper Jean.  He was thrilled after not seeing her for 5 days, and she was tickled to finally know where Papa was.  Of course, people in the hallways had a fit over her, too, and she warned Papa when a man in a wheel chair came to visit and didn't announce himself.  It was cute.........she's a good little guard dog !


  1. aww how cute! Its great that you can take her there...

  2. Thankful for a good day for you all! I love that you took Piper! They say that having a pet, or pets visit in the nursing home is therapeutic and good for the residents. SIL is an OT for nursing homes and hubby's aunt is allowed to have a cat.

    Hope today is as good as yesterday! Drive carefully!

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  4. I love that photo of your dh and Piper! How nice to have your quilt there too! As I recall it is very nice and snugly :)
    Keeping you two in mind!
    Miss talking to ya... thanks for the e-mail

  5. That is wonderful that you are allowed to take your dog to visit!! She's a cutie:) I bet that visit really cheered him.

  6. Hey girl,

    i m so sorry to hear about your DH but and glad that he is OK, resting well, feeling good each day, and that Piper is there to cheer him up and as well as the rest. Good job, Piper :)

    Miss seeing you around, your blog has not been appearing in the Ravlery just like Dustina.


  7. Dear Dolly, I hope your hubby has a speedy recovery by God's grace. Yes, nursing homes are very sad places. My Mom was in one for 4 years....I tried to take care of her at home but it just didn't work. I'm glad your husband is on the recovery side of things. I will pray for you too. Your little dog is so sweet. Since my hubby has retired, I don't have the time and inclination towards my blog I used too. I'm ready to jump in the car whenever he wants to go out. Its a different world now that he's home...I'm loving it. Though...my blogging and cello and spinning wheel are way on the back burner...smile.

  8. forgot to say....I love your blog header and wallpaper. Its lovely!!!


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