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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pinwheels top........FINISHED !

Yep, time to celebrate, .........it's all pieced, and the quilt-top is pretty big, 92" x 92"........but, really, not THAT BIG !

Here's what's left from a kit that is meant to make a top that measures 86" x 92".  There's about 20 inches, by width of fabric, of the white with red paint splatter,
6 inches, by width+ of the red plaid, and small pieces of each of the prints from making the pinwheels.

I would NOT recommend this fabric
 line(Martha's Vineyard Watercolors)
 to anyone as it has lost threads
 more than any that I have ever dealt with.
  I think it is a very loose thread count.......soft for hand-quilting, but very prone to fraying.  It is made by RJR.

I have gotten used to making smaller things for so long now, that I've forgotten what a bed-sized top was like.  And I always used to make quilts to fit my full-sized bed, not a queen.
Still and all, if Jodie doesn't have one of those wooden rails along the side of her bed, she may have to add one more border to hide the box spring. 
Anyway, I think it turned out well, and I know she'll be happy to have it back.  I imagine that this one will be quilted on Mary Ellen's long-arm quilting machine.

Now I need to see what I'll make the next apron out of, and then it's on to the baby quilt.


  1. The quilt is beautiful!! Good job (and whew, that is finished! ;) )

  2. this is amazing. i have never made anything this large. it looks so great

  3. Thats so pretty! I cant even imagine putting together something so large, congrats!! Headaches and all your sawtooth border looks great!

  4. The quilt is gorgeous, actually it will be in my hand quilting pile unless as you say i am disappointed in the threads problem.
    you know i have a long list of hand quilting but the kit was soooo expensive but you know all fabric today is soooo expensive. have you seen hancocks christmas sale on paducah website. wow. i have picked out 200 worth of christmas fabric, i have not done christmas fabric in years, but moda for 1/2 i think i am gonna jump at it, been waiting several days to make a decision. i need to make my daughter and daughter in law, regular christmas quilts and i only have stuff i like, they like the new colors and brighter stuff than i like. dot again, wonderful job, and i will love it yes, i have wooden rails but we have the oversize queen mattress that is actually super tall and that is why i needed it that size, it is just to cover down to the rail so my mattress wont show. the cover does not work because our mattress is too tall, i have to use my grandaughters step stool to get up and down off the bed. thanks again. lov ya jodie

  5. Beautiful, beautiful work!! I'm sure your friend can't wait to get this top back from you:)

  6. I think this one is wonderful, Dolly! your pinwheels pop with the white background, and your sawtooth borders were worth the extra effort they required. You brought in a winner! I have enjoyed watching its process. :-}pokey


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